Welcome to the new and improved Caitlin Beale Wellness.  I’m so glad you are here.

When I first started Caitlin Beale Wellness in 2015 I was working as an inpatient clinical dietitian while waiting for just the right time to venture out on my own.  Known as a resident gut health expert by my colleagues I realized it was time to stop over-planning just start doing.  I created a website on my own, pressed publish and started my private practice while continuing to work at the hospital.  And I loved it.

As my practice has grown, I’ve continued to love working with people and helping them heal and thrive.   With growth comes change and I soon realized it was time for my self-made website to graduate onto bigger and better things.  I hired the amazing Anelise Salvo from ASDC to help me pep up my brand and my website.

So here we are.   


I cannot wait to use this space as a platform to share recipes, nutrition info, and wellness tips.  So stay tuned to learn about all things gut health, food sensitivities, women's health, and easy-to-understand nutrition news you can actually use.

I always love hearing from you so please reach out if you have any special requests.

See you back here soon!