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I first came to see Caitlin because I was looking for someone to help me get back into good nutritional habits, and also help me find out what the best foods specifically for me would be. I had worked with other nutritional support people in the past, some good and some bad, and was really looking for someone who knew her stuff, and could help motivate me to get on a good path again. I had aches and pains that wouldn’t go away, I had trouble sleeping, and I wanted to lose the weight I had put on in the last few years. I had heard about the LEAP test, and was hoping that it might be useful for me.

I could pretty much tell from the first meeting, that Caitlin knew what she was doing, and had a wealth of resources to consult if there was something she needed to find out about. She didn’t just stick to the same old advice and information that I’d heard a thousand times. She really gave me hope that I could do this! And she was right. Two months into the process, I was sleeping better, the aches and pains were decreasing, and I had lost 18 pounds. She got me into good habits, inspired me with new recipes and food techniques, and encouraged me to stick with the process. She also researched the best supplements for my body. She’s very thorough and relentless!

She was a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing nutritional help, from a beginner to someone who already has a lot of knowledge and just needs some personal fine tuning.
— Carolyn S.
Finally the guess work is over. For years I kept trying to figure out what I was reacting to...gluten? Dairy? Sugar? Who knows! Until I starting working with Caitlin. The LEAP program (blood tests) gave me a clear picture. And Caitlin is the best. She knows her stuff and made connections beyond the blood work. Amazing!
— Eileen M.
Caitlin was great to work with. She really listened to my personal challenges to come up with a plan that worked well for me. She is very professional and was always quick to respond to any questions I had. I would highly recommend Caitlin to anyone looking for a great nutritionist!
— Brooke A.
Before meeting with Caitlin I had gotten to the point where I was so tired of feeling bad. I was tired, moody, fat, depressed. Not to mention that my daughter was suffering from chronic headaches, chronic bloating, cravings of bad foods, etc. I’ve always been small and never exercised because I never needed to. I had tried changing my diet on my own, tried Cross fit and Jazzercise. Nothing seemed to work. It was very frustrating and very disheartening. I finally realized that I couldn’t do it on my own.

I had many fears and concerns. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do it. Concerned that I would fail and in doing so would fail my family. Scared because I didn’t really know what I needed I just knew I needed help.

I feel amazing. Cognitively, physically, emotionally. This wasn’t so much about losing weight as it was to get healthy. My relationship with myself has improved. My relationship with my husband and daughter has improved. My family, and myself, have experienced so many positive changes during this journey. Knowledge is key and I have learned so much from Caitlin.
— Andrea M.
I found Caitlin very easy to work with. Her in-depth knowledge and kind support has helped me to change my eating habits. My body now feels much younger, not so achy. Amazing! I feel very committed to eating well.
— Ken S
The LEAP program gave my husband and I the opportunity to go back to what is basic for our bodies, individually, and find out what was best for us to eat. It also gave us a graduated program so we could re-introduce more and more foods over time, as well as the awareness of which foods we should eat rarely. My aches and pains went away, my sleep improved dramatically, as did my mood! Plus, when I get off track sometimes, I now have a way back…I simply return to my “beginning “ foods and go from there.
— Sara H.
I stumbled upon Caitlin’s website by chance, hoping to receive some support with an autoimmune issue I was experiencing. Her approach and knowledge guided me through making significant changes in my diet and nutritional supplementation. Throughout the process, Caitlin was readily available to answer my questions, and was thoughtful about each step she had me take throughout my healing process. I was impatient at times because I was desperate to see some quick results, and Caitlin was supportive and readily acknowledged the emotions involved with such a transition while maintaining a realistic viewpoint. I appreciate her obvious commitment to staying aware of current nutritional research and providing me with a wealth of information and resources to support my regimen. Although it was not easy to commit to the strict regimen of the initial stages of the LEAP program in which I participated, I gained the willpower and confidence to make lasting changes. I am now experiencing great relief and healing, and attribute much of it to Caitlin.
— Amanda
I’ve struggled with some form of irritable bowel syndrome my whole life but when I was diagnosed with acid reflux, I’d had enough. Constant coughing, post nasal drip, exhaustion and joint pain were other symptoms that caused me to reach out to Caitlin Beale for help.
I chose the MRT Test and Leap program because it was evidence-based and provided detailed and specific information relevant to my issues. Caitlin’s expertise in arranging diet plans provided assurance that I was maintaining balanced nutrition throughout the Leap program. While I wasn’t perfect in my efforts, Caitlin’s kind direction and encouragement helped me stay on target and accomplish my goals. Within days I felt a freedom from my prior digestive issues, and experienced more restful sleep. With time, my joint pain reduced, sinus issues diminished and energy returned. Perhaps the greatest gift was that I lost all craving for unhealthy food. It was amazing!
I believe that the heart of this program is Caitlin Beale. She exuded a nonjudgmental and supportive stance in all of my sessions with her, and she was a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutrition. Thank you, Caitlin, for improving my health and well-being!
— Becky
If you are considering whether individually-tailored food selections might a) improve your health condition and/or b) benefit your overall-health, I strongly recommend you contact Caitlin Beale,MS, RDN for an Initial Consultation to take a close look at how her evidence-based LEAP Program might significantly help you.

I contacted Ms Beale because I hoped to learn if researched-based food selection could significantly reduce inflammation in my body and improve my overall health.

I was surprised to learn through my individualized LEAP Program which foods clearly:
* PROVIDE ENERGY to my body, which foods clearly
* ADD HEALTH to my body, and which foods
* IMPAIR my body and its functioning.

My wife ( who has also benefited from LEAP results plus consultation w/ Ms Beale) and I have found Ms Beale to be a highly trained professional, who applied her training, research, plus biometric testing to our individual needs. As an added bonus, throughout our consultations, we found Ms Beale to be kind, encouraging and simply delightful.
— Doug B.

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